Learn Some Internet Friday: Buffer

This Friday I want to make sure you're all aware of an incredible timesaver for social media postings called Buffer.

Buffer allows you to post to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn at the same time, or at scheduled intervals.  Say you have three things that are all urgent for you to post (Little Women Big Cars on AOL, Fetching on AOL, and you favorite episode of Sam Has 7 Friends on YouTube), you can add them all to Buffer.  Not only will it space out your posts, but you can set it to post at peak social interaction times for each network.

Getting Started:

2) Sign up with Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn
3) A post will pre-populate for you, but just ignore it.
4) Click "settings" at the top
5) Click "connect account" at the bottom of the new page
6) Add another account, and repeat until you have all three accounts linked.
7) Click back to "dashboard"
8) Write a status message (if you include a link, it will preview what it looks like on FB and LI).
9) "Post Now" to immediately post to all networks or "Add to Buffer" to queue it up

Advanced (see screen shots below for reference):
  • You can choose your link shortener if you prefer bit.ly (which I prefer).  You can also use your bit.ly account by connecting it.
  • Change the scheduled times for your postings for each network.  Maybe you only post twice a day on Facebook, but you post four times a day on Twitter (make sure your timezone matches or the status will post at the right times in the wrong time zones).
  • Add the Buffer for Chrome extension by clicking here while in Google Chrome. Now any time your find something interesting, you can immediately blast it out.

Very Advanced:
Go to SocialBro and have your Twitter account analyzed.  It will take a little while, but SocialBro can export the data straight to Buffer so that your tweets are published at the times when your followers are most active.