Learn Some Internet: StumbleUpon

This Friday I invite you to waste some time with a social media site known as StumbleUpon. You may know it as fun distraction, but it is also an incredibly powerful driver of Internet traffic.  Unlike most social sites, when something goes viral on StumbleUpon, it tends to spread the traffic out over a much longer time rather than the traditional spike from hitting the front page of Reddit or Digg.

Seeing how video is also one of the most popular tag categories on this site, we would be well-served to use this for referral traffic to both Vuguru and World of Heroes shows.


2. Click "Join for free"
3. Fill in information or click "sign up with Facebook" on the right side of the page.  I'd recommend the Facebook option due to their new socialization features and the fact that you won't have to remember another password..
4. A page will ask "What do you want to explore?" and you can choose whatever you like.  Be sure to include "Television" and "Movies" among others and click "Save Interests."  You'll be able to refine these categories later and choose more specific subsets.
5. Click the icon with the orange circle next to "Stumble" in the upper left corner.
6. When you get to a page give it a thumbs up or thumbs down and then hit "Stumble" again.

The more you use this site, the more authority you have in the complex algorithms that weigh people's opinions to see what is worth suggesting to other stumblers.  Submitting items to StumbleUpon is a different beast altogether, so just focus on enjoying the site and exploring.

And don't forget to follow my stumbles!
Source: http://stumbleupon.com