Learn Some Internet: If This Then That

"Put the Internet to work for you" is the motto of IFTTT.com, a site that lets you automate many processes from various other sites.  When you create a task that you want to automate, it is known as a "recipe" on the site.  Here's a handful of the many recipes you can create with IFTTT.com:

  • Download photos to Dropbox that you post to Instagram
  • When you update your Facebook profile picture, update your Twitter profile with the same picture
  • Email a weather update to yourself if it's expected to rain the next day
  • Archive your tweets to Google Calendar (or Evernote, Buffer, Tumblr, Posterous, etc)
  • Post your YouTube "favorites" to a social network
  • Text your phone when a Craigslist post matches your search criteria

Dozens of sites are compatible and the list has been growing steadily all year.  There is an incredible variety of triggers and outcomes that you can create.


One of the ways that I utilize IFTTT.com is to streamline some social media activity.  If I have a picture that I want to post on all my networks, I have created a folder in Dropbox that I named "To Social Networks."  When I put a picture in this folder, I have triggers that are set up to post it to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Tumblr.


If you want a new blog post on Blogger or WordPress to be distributed across your networks, you can set up a similar trigger and avoid the tedium of notifying all the sites individually.

Other clever recipes:

Add new movie releases to Google Calendar

Record a voice memo and have the mp3 and transcription emailed to you

Get a text when there is an earthquake in Southern California